Pursuing God’s Heart

21 Days in the Life of David
What Is the Purpose of This Study?

To pursue God’s heart together, and allow Him to search our hearts, as He did with David so that we can be those who also wholeheartedly serve God in our generation and see the Kingdom of God advance in our lives, and the lives of our families, communities, and the nations.

How Is It Presented?

Over 21 days, we explore aspects of David’s life in our daily devotions. These devotions are compiled by pastors from Living Hope, other Four12 partnering churches and good friends leading churches in the nations. The study was run in 2021 and consisted of a live video series on Facebook and YouTube, with a complimentary PDF Study Guide.

Who Is It For?

The Pursuing God’s Heart study is an excellent resource for any Christian, from new believers and saints, to church leaders. It will deepen your love for Christ and those around you.

Living Hope is a Four12 Partnering church on the Isle of Man.


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