God has called us to empower the church to become a kingdom of priests, to follow a biblical pattern when building church and to equip the saints for the work of ministry

– Andrew Selley, Apostolic Leader of Four12

Four12 is a global partnership of churches longing to live out Authentic New Testament Christianity and working together to Equip, Restore and Advance the church that Jesus Himself is building. We take our cue from Ephesians 4:12 which tells us that Christ gave gifts to the body, “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ”. As a vivid reminder of this mandate, we are called, Four12.


The Ministry &
Role of the Apostle

Andrew Selley’s manual about the role of apostles has now been released as a second edition. He expands on common questions around the apostolic by looking at the foundations laid by Christ Himself. This essential resource illustrates biblical church governance that is built on authentic partnerships with the apostolic and other churches. 

Apostolic message

True Repentance

In a time where the message of the Gospel and the teachings of Scripture are being diluted, Andrew urges us to remember what Scripture teaches about true repentance. The life of the believer will be fruitful, one of faith and works. We must hold fast to an uncorrupted belief in Biblical repentance, otherwise it will leave us with a form of godliness, without the power of God.  


Changing the Narrative

Bad reports are waiting for us on every device today, but are we changing the narrative to include God and our eternal hope in those reports?

What does it mean to receive the Kingdom of God like a child?
GodlyDiscernment_1920x1080 2
A closer look at this spiritual gift.
A sign and an assurance of things to come.
How should we as the church respond to opposition and maintain our hope?
The Greek word for slander in Scripture is diabolos, which is the root word for devil.



Our partners are made up of apostolic fields which themselves contain numerous churches, multi-site churches (which have multiple congregations) and stand-alone churches. At present we have churches partnering across 23 nations with over 529 congregations (171 urban and 358 rural congregations). We have partners in areas where the church faces persecution – to keep them safe, it is in their best interests we do not disclose their details.

We also have a number of partners from third world countries, where access to the internet and other more modern forms of communication is limited or non-existent, with many not even having official church names. For this reason we are unable to add them to this webpage.If you are interested in partnering with Four12 or would like more information please contact us.



Our Four12 partners offer various 1-2 year programmes aimed at training up the younger generation in life and ministry. Depending on the programme, students will have the opportunity to grow in their faith and theology, learn important relational skills, grow in their giftings, serve in their local churches, and go on outreaches into disadvantaged communities and relating Four12 churches, all while forging life-long friendships with their team. Find out more about the Rooted Discipleship School, Ready Aim Fire, Timothy Ministry Training (TMT), Year of Your Life and Altitude here.


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