The Ministry & Role of the Apostle

Understanding Church Governance

Apostles come as servants of the church, not as masters of it.

When Christ began His ministry, the first thing He did was to recognise and raise up apostles. His intention was for them to be custodians of sound doctrine, who could strengthen and work alongside elders to ensure that their churches remained healthy and were being built according to God’s pattern. This manual, now released as a second edition, answers common questions raised about the apostolic, such as: 

  • why apostles are still crucial today; 
  • how apostles are recognised; 
  • the different types of apostles; 
  • the role of an apostle; 
  • how apostles should relate to local elders, and 
  • how to foster an authentic partnership with apostles and other churches.

Andrew is the apostolic leader of Four12 and he ministers worldwide. He is also the lead elder of the multi-site Joshua Generation Church. He is based in Cape Town, South Africa, along with his wife, Emma, and their daughter, Enyah. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more.


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