03 Grace and Favour – Part 2

Andrew Selley

Video image of 2014 Four12 RSA Conference session 'Grace and Favour of God'
In Part 2, Andrew Selley continues to preach on the grace of God and how to find His favour.
Deception & Compromise
A reminder to be aware and mindful of deception and compromise in the church (false teachings and theology) so as not to stray from the truth of the Gospel.
A Last Call to Restore
A call to genuinely repent before God, restore His truths, and hold fast to the things of God so that we might be able to prepare the way for the coming of the King.
Four12 article image for 'Partnering and Mutual Submission - Part 2' about church accountability between partnering churches
How can we achieve healthy church accountability that is neither controlling nor flaky?
Four12 article image for 'Partnering and Mutual Submission - Part 1' about forming a godly partnership across churches
Authority and submission are both given, not taken, in God's kingdom.
Four12 article image for 'Practical Points for Partnering' about how partnering churches can have authentic relationships with Ephesians 4 gifts
A practical look at how local churches can authentically partner with Ephesians 4 gifts.
Four12 article image for 'Building Biblical Partnerships' about building with the wider network of churches
Does it matter how we relate to the broader church of God?
01 The Glory in Singleness
Seeing the glory in your season of singleness.
05 Answering Your Questions
Tough questions singles often ask.
Four12 video image for 'What is Four12?'about Four12
Andrew Selley explains the journey of Four12 as a movement and what its all about.
The Role of an Elder’s Wife
An elder and his wife are called to serve God’s Kingdom together.
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