Andrew Selley

The transformative power of repentance.
Understanding church governance and the role of the apostle.
This book aims to give practical handles and the basic building blocks needed for planting an outreach community or a church, including vision, mission, choosing a venue, set-up recommendations, leadership, communication, and other topics.
Looking at godly foundations for marriage, as well as biblical wisdom regarding divorce & remarriage.
God disciplines those He loves (Hebrews 12:6).
Money is important, but what does the Bible say about the attitude we are to have towards money?
Worship is a key part of our relationship with God, and an expression of our gratitude and love for Him.
Accountability means opening our lives to leaders and allowing them to speak the truth in love.
Church Leadership
The Bible is clear on how God wants the local church to be governed, and sets two offices in place...
The role of apostles is to make sure that every church is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.
Church is not about filling pews but about working together as one to see God’s Kingdom come to the nations.
What does God think about the church in our generation? Does she reflect His original plan? This is Church Series
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The church should be where people are known, loved & accepted
Session 2_web
Our plans are written in pencil and must change as the Spirit leads
Video image for 'Effective Shepherding’ about how to look after God’s sheep
Using Psalm 23 to shepherd God’s sheep well
Video image for 'Choosing Reliable Men’ about dealing with immaturity
God is more interested in us than in what we do for Him.
Video image for 'Understanding Authority’ about apostles and elders
The realms of authority given to elders and apostles
Video image for 'Leading by Example’ about 1 Timothy 4:12-15
We can only take people where we have been
Video image for 'Qualifications of an Elder’ about what qualifies an elder
Show me your leaders and I’ll show you the future of your church.
Video image for 'Pay Careful Attention’ about examining your life.
What worked yesterday won’t work today.
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We need to develop a healthy fear of the Lord to keep us from slipping into sin.
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We are called to build family where everyone is known & loved.
God is once again pouring out his Spirit; we need to prepare our hearts to receive him.
As Christians, we are to imitate God’s humility and gladly take a lower place in order to reflect Christ correctly.
The way to unity is often paved with trouble and division, but we are called to fight to preserve the unity of the saints.
What does it mean to die with Christ and to live with Him?
Being teachable and the lies we are exposed to about correction.
The importance of walking in humility in order to reflect Jesus to the world.
Video image of 2014 Four12 RSA Conference session 'Grace and Favour of God'
In Part 2, Andrew Selley continues to preach on the grace of God and how to find His favour.
A reminder to be aware and mindful of deception and compromise in the church (false teachings and theology) so as not to stray from the truth of the Gospel.
A call to genuinely repent before God, restore His truths, and hold fast to the things of God so that we might be able to prepare the way for the coming of the King.
Four12 article image for 'Partnering and Mutual Submission - Part 2' about church accountability between partnering churches
How can we achieve healthy church accountability that is neither controlling nor flaky?
Four12 article image for 'Partnering and Mutual Submission - Part 1' about forming a godly partnership across churches
Authority and submission are both given, not taken, in God's kingdom.
Four12 article image for 'Practical Points for Partnering' about how partnering churches can have authentic relationships with Ephesians 4 gifts
A practical look at how local churches can authentically partner with Ephesians 4 gifts.
Four12 article image for 'Building Biblical Partnerships' about building with the wider network of churches
Does it matter how we relate to the broader church of God?
Seeing the glory in your season of singleness.
Four12 video image for 'What is Four12?'about Four12
Andrew Selley explains the journey of Four12 as a movement and what its all about.
The Role of an Elders Wife
An elder and his wife are called to serve God’s Kingdom together.
Video image of 2014 Four12 RSA Conference session 'Grace and Favour of God' about God's grace and favour
In a two-part sermon, Andrew preaches on the grace and favour of God, and gives a few keys to growing in favour with God.
Video image of 'We are Aware of the Devil's Schemes'
Andrew urges us not to be ignorant or unaware of the devil's schemes.
Video image of 'What Do Leaders Looks for in Potential Leaders - Part 2'
Andrew continues to expound on the characteristics of a potential leader in Part 2.
Video image for 'What Do Leaders Look For in Potential Leaders?' about a leaders character
What leaders should be looking for in their potential leaders, and how to bring them through.
2014 Four12 IOM Conference Image for 'Prayer'
Andrew tackles the difficult Scriptures about prayer.
02 Building on the Rock Andrew Selley Training Timothys
Building church according to God’s ways and Biblical foundations.
01 Building in Submission Andrew Selley Training Timothys
Building in partnership with the Spirit according to God’s desires and not man’s.
Video image for ‘LEAD BY EXAMPLE’
Our lives need to reflect the glory and goodness of God, as we have been called to serve the church.
Video image for ‘STAND FIRM’
We need to have courageous faith and stand firm in our conviction of the Lord Jesus.
Video image for ‘MOMENTUM’
God's plan to build the church relies on the participation of every member of the body.
Video image for ‘GROWING TOGETHER’
We are all called to make disciples of the nations.
Video image for ‘CHURCH DISCIPLINE’
Church discipline is an important and life-giving element of every healthy church.
Video image for 'THE GOOD SHEPHERD’
How imitating God as the Good Shepherd, will help us lead and care for His sheep.
Video image for ‘GODLY LEADERSHIP’
A practical look at some of the everyday needs of a church and how to be an effective and bold shepherd of the Lord's people.
Video image for ‘LOVING VISITORS’
The practicalities of showing the love of Jesus to visitors in the church and making them feel welcome.
Video image for ‘SPIRIT LED’
To build church effectively, it's vital we submit to God's authority and sovereignty, being led by His Spirit.
Video image for 'DAVID & SAUL’
What we can learn from the lives of King David and King Saul, in order to build church well.
Video image for ‘FAITHFUL’
The Word of God says that if we are faithful with the little, then God will grace us with the more.
Video image for ‘BUILDING CHURCH’
Listening to the voice of God and following His ways in how we build church.
Video image for ‘GOD'S PROMISES’
The importance of understanding the promises of God for the church today.
Video image for ‘GOOD DNA’
God has chosen us as His people to preach His Gospel and spread His love to all the world.
Video image for ‘Image Bearers’
The church is God's vessel through which He executes His plan to save a lost and dying world.
Four12 video series image for 'Healing Q&A Continued' that answers healing questions
Andrew continues to answer questions around healing.
Four12 video series image for 'Challenging Questions About Healing' about healing questions
Andrew tackles some challenging healing questions.
Four12 video series image for 'Fanning The Gift Into Flame' about the gift of healing
Men and women in church history who have walked in the gift of healing.
Four12 video series image for 'A Biblical Foundation for Healing' around foundations and misconceptions about healing
Andrew lays a Biblical foundation for healing and challenges common misconceptions.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
Four12 article image for 'How To Test False Prophets' about discerning false prophets. from the real deal
When signs and accuracy are not enough to show authenticity.
How should the church respond when so many prophets got it wrong?
Four12 article image for 'What Ravi Taught Us'
Tackling the tough questions when Christian leaders fall.
How to die and kill the flesh daily in order to become all who Christ has made us to be.
Set Apart_YouthEquip
How to lead teenagers so that they may be able to stand against peer pressure and have sharp swords and strong armour.
How should Christians navigate the murky waters of Cancel Culture without sinking into its demonic undertow?
Direction for tithing in the life of the church - part 2.
Direction for tithing in the life of the church - part 1.
Some direction for the prophetic in the life of the church.
How do we as leaders lead so that we follow the Holy Spirit? 
What is ‘Dominion theology’ and its role within Kingdom Now theology?
Discussions around issues relating to understanding the Kingdom of God.
Taking a look at how we should interpret prophesies, principles and promises from the Old Testament as New Testament believers.
Faith and Love
The truth of the importance of faith and love in the Kingdom of God, and how faith and love enable us to lay our lives down for the church of Christ.
Third Q&A Session Uncorrupted Faith
Andrew Selley answers more questions in this third and final Q&A session on the Uncorrupted Faith series. 
Times of faith
There are times in the Bible, where it is evident that God is moving differently from the norm. How can we distinguish these moments and times of faith?
A people of faith
Being a people of faith is something the Lord calls us to be, but we can often misinterpret what it means to be a people of faith.
Faith, Healing & Prayer
How we hold the tension of faith, healing and prayer, along with our role in God moving supernaturally, is vital to building a healthy relationship with Jesus.
Q&A session 2
Andrew Selley answers some of the questions viewers have had about the Uncorrupted Faith series in this second Q&A session.
I've Got the Power
Understanding that we have access to great power, made perfect in our weakness, emboldens us to accomplish great acts for Jesus.
Q&A on Uncorrupted Faith
Andrew and Emma Selley answer some of the questions viewers had about the Uncorrupted Faith series.
Can we claim God's promises
Can we claim all the promises that are in the Bible? Is every promise spoken in the Word of God directly applicable to us and our situations?
Psalm 91
Misunderstanding a message can have huge consequences. Rightly understanding what the Lord promises us in Scriptures like Psalm 91, is therefore essential.


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