09 A Few Good Men

Jonathan Stanfield

Video image of 2014 Four12 RSA Conference session 'A Few Good Men' about God looking for people who will change history
God is looking for people through whom He can change history.
Video image of the 2014 IOM Conference session called 'Ministry and Leadership Across the Generations'
We must keep our fires burning, while also investing our time in raising up young leaders to run with and ahead of us.
Four 12 article image for "Online Church, What's Missing?' article about online church vs. gathering in person.
Five things online church can’t do.
Four12 article image for 'Relationships Under Fire' about building resilient relationships in pressured times.
We all need to receive and extend grace.
Four12 article image for 'Revival - Do It Again, Lord' about bringing revival to our nations
Could God bring about another revival through us?
Four12 conference image for 'Born For This' about responding to the call of the King
Responding to the call of the King as we long for revival and lay ahold of our inheritance.
Four12 conference image for 'Keep The Fire Burning' about staying on fire for Jesus
Will people point at us and say we are a people on fire?
Four12 article image for 'Are You Ready To Plant A Church?' about making sure it is God's timing for you to plant a church
Wait isn't a word we like to hear, but we must make sure church planters are healthy first.
Four12 conference image for 'How To Love Jesus'
We love being loved by Christ, but what are His love languages?
Four12 conference image for 'To Boldly Go', which encourages us to partner with God and go wherever He directs.
An exhortation to partner with God and ‘boldly go’ wherever He directs.
Video image of 2016 Four12 RSA Conference session 'How to Build, Not Just Bless' about receiving the apostolic
How to build church by receiving the external perspective of apostolic voices.
Four12 conference video image for 'Passing The Tests' about positioning ourselves for passing God's tests.
Passing the tests positions us to move into the fullness of all God has for us.
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