Here you will find a selection of written resources that expound on some of the foundations of authentic Christianity and leadership in the church. These booklets provide Biblical perspectives on Christian values and doctrines, and have been written by trusted leaders within the Four12 partnership of churches. Christians around the world – partnering churches, their leaders and their saints – can use these booklets to be better equipped and to grow, not only in knowledge but in their intimacy with God. The web and print versions of the booklets are available on our website and App for you to download for free.  

A Compass for the Heart
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Church Planting Course
Discipline in God’s Household
Following Jesus – Defend
Following Jesus – Obey
Following Jesus – Trust
Foundations of Faith
How Not to Fight Racism
Is There Mercy For Me?
Leading God’s People
Life Equipping Stations
Money and Possessions
Multi-site Church
New Testament Church
Planting – A Beginner’s Guide
Pursuing God’s Heart
Small Group Leaders Training
Still I Will Follow
The Basics of Baptism
The Book of Ephesians
The King and the Kingdom
The Ministry & Role of the Apostle
The Throwbacks
Unity in Marriage
Water Baptism
When They Come Knocking

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