Discipline in God’s Household

New Covenant directives for discipline within God's House

“Not all ministries can be restored but burned bricks often build stronger and prove their worth through renewed humility and caution.”

The Church is God’s family on earth, and as such, He has given instructions to us as to how He wants it to function. In doing so He has also told us how and why the Church should discipline and that a church that does not discipline is a church that ignores sin.


Andrew Selley writes:
“In this booklet, William Marais has done a great job explaining the biblical question of church discipline. The booklet wonderfully lays out what the Bible says about this fundamental Christian principle. The clarity and balance within it will greatly assist churches and leaders, to both understand and properly apply church discipline, with the great hope of the restoration of the fallen saint.”


William and his wife, Pam, started ministering in 1980 and served on eldership in Joshua Generation Church in South Africa from 2010. William was a key apostle who ministered and taught across the global Four12 field of partnering churches. He joined his beloved Saviour in 2021 and is sorely missed.

© Reproduction, printing and distribution is restricted to obtaining approval from the copyright owners at [email protected]. First edition May 2016, Cape Town.


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