William Marais

A 30-Day Devotional Guide for New Believers
Video image of 2014 Four12 RSA Conference session 'To Raise Sons and Daughters'
How to raise kingdom-minded sons and daughters who are willing to be equipped, who persevere until breakthrough, work in team and rely on others to point out their blindspots.
Video image of the 2014 Four12 IOM Conference session about 'God Has Chosen the Church' about God's purpose for the church
God has chosen the church through which to reveal His manifold wisdom.
Video image for the 2014 Four12 IOM Conference session on 'Expectancy' by William Marais
When we are expectant, expect God to move.
A Scriptural look at money, possessions and good stewardship.
A response to Jehovah Witnesses
How we as saints can live and effective, fruitful life and advance the Kingdom of God.
New Covenant directives for discipline within God's House.
Why get baptised in the Holy Spirit?
Video image for ‘PEOPLE FOCUSED’
In order to build God's house, we need to build into the lives of His children.
Video image for ‘BEING SENT’
Practical non-negotiables that will ensure the work of a church plant is fruitful.
Fear Not
The power of God’s Word to conquer fear.
Four12 article image for 'Those Heartache Days' addressing disappointments, suffering, trauma, disease and death.
How to handle heartache and trauma when it comes.
An encouragement to live with faith and purpose and to always be strong and courageous.
Four12 article image for 'The Pride of Life' covering godly, Christian leadership.
Pennies, Petticoats & Power – Part 3
Four12 article image for 'Lust of the Flesh' about sexual purity.
Pennies, Petticoats & Power – Part 2
Four12 article image for 'Lust of the Eyes'
Pennies, Petticoats & Power – Part 1
We are not going to live forever.
How a life-saving operation brought a perspective-altering revelation.
Four12 conference image for 'See What God Sees' about having faith instead of fearsus
When we have faith to see what God sees, there is a supernatural ability to do crazy things with God.
Four12 conference image for 'Conscience & God-consciousness'
We have a responsibility to sharpen our consciences through an increase in God-consciousness.
Four12 conference image for 'The Kingdom Through Us' about church vs kingdom
The differences between the Church and the Kingdom.
Four12 conference image for the video 'When God Reveals to us Hos Person, His Power & His Provision' about God and His character, power and provision
A revelation of God often supersedes the need for answers.
Four12 article image for 'The Real Thing' about authentic Christianity
If you need to call attention to the fact that you are Christian, something is wrong!
Video image for 2016 Four12 RSA Conference session 'The Prime Enemy to Our Contentment and Godliness'
Will Marais warns us of the number one enemy we need to resist to remain content and godly.
Created by God
Will Marais explains to us that we are a people that have been created by God and are enhanced by one another in the Body of Christ.
Four12 article image for 'Thank God for Expiry Dates' about finding breakthrough
Every difficult time has a God-ordained expiry date, but fight for your breakthrough.
Video image of 2015 Four12 RSA Conference session 'Being a Vital Ingredient in the Mix' about process and procedure
Will Marais focuses on Acts 2:42-47 and the significance of process and procedure, which can determine success/failure, breakthrough/defeat.
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