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Video imagxe for 'Leading a Meeting During a Move of God’ in the #BeEquipped series
Are we making room for God to move in our meetings?
Presenting the Bible as the authentic Word of God.
What is the gift of tongues, and why should I desire it?
History shows that Jesus really existed, while His resurrection shows us that He really is God.
Video image for session 15 of God & Me & Us about diversity.
We all come from Adam and Eve, which should change the way we think and respond to diversity and discrimination.
Video image for session 14 of God & Me & Us about evolution.
Evidence for why the theory of evolution is misguided and that we are not descended from monkeys but intentionally, lovingly made by God.
Video image for session 13 of God & Me & Us about creation.
God made creation and there is evidence to prove that He is the ultimate designer and Creator.
Video image for ’07 Holiness of God’ in the God & Me & Us series
God is holy and hates sin. He has made a way for us to be holy, just like Him.
Is it possible to repent of the sins of those who came before us, or is it pointless?
church clicks
Online church enables us to reach more people than ever before but is it real church?
Exploring what it means to be adopted by God.
Who is God and how are His attributes relevant to me?
Series image for ‘Who Am I?' about our purpose
We are designed and created by God with a purpose, yet sin has damaged God’s original design.
Should we avoid songs that come from those we disagree with theologically?
Has God commanded us to tithe, and is it still relevant today?
What festivals can we agree to disagree about, and where do we have the freedom to allow one another to follow our consciences?
Introducing some well-tested defences for the Christian faith.
A booklet introducing the topic of coming to faith.
Obey takes you through the commands of Jesus, given in the Sermon on the Mount.
Four12 article image for 'Candy, Costumes & Evil' about how Christians should view Halloween
Aren’t Halloween costumes all just harmless fun for children?
Four12 image of the video about 'Obedient Disobedience'
When the nation’s laws are at odds with the commands of God, who do we obey?
The role of the apostolic in choosing elders.
Should popularity be the goal of the modern church?
How do we as leaders lead so that we follow the Holy Spirit? 
What is ‘Dominion theology’ and its role within Kingdom Now theology?
Discussions around issues relating to understanding the Kingdom of God.
Session 1 A Translation You Can Trust
With over 100 Bibles in the English language, we examine how to know which is best to read.
Four12 article image for 'No Durians' aabout remaining holy despite being disliked
We have a divine fragrance, but not everyone will like it!
Four12 article image for 'What If Some Were Unfaithful?' about leaders falling away from Christianity
Does the faithlessness of leaders and role models nullify the faithfulness of God?
Four12 article image for 'Contend For The Faith' about being faithful in telling others the truth
When society pushes us to change what we believe, we push back.
Four12 article image for 'A Translation You Can Trust' about choosing the best Bible translation.
What is the best translation of the Bible?
Four12 article image for 'Surviving Seminary' about the dangers of seminary and learning from scoffers
Studying theology comes with its own dangers.
Four12 article image for 'The Watchmaker' about evidence of design shown all around us
Anything showing evidence of design implies evidence of a designer.
Four12 article image for 'Saints on Social Media' about avoiding the pitfalls of social media
How can we best represent Christ on social media and avoid its pitfalls?
Four12 article image for 'Jesus, Mad Bad or God' about the trilemma over Jesus.
Jesus made some pretty controversial claims about himself - was he mad, bad or God?
Four12 article image for 'Jesus: Fact or Fiction?' providing evidence of the existence of Jesus
When the Bible isn't considered sufficient evidence of the existence of Jesus, what does secular history say?
Four12 article image for 'Jesus: Dead or Alive?' about evidence for the resurrection of Jesus
If the resurrection of Jesus is not true, neither is Christianity.
Four12 article image for 'How To Love People Well - Part 2' about what God's love looks like
What does love look like when it's someone I don't like?
Four12 article image for 'How To Love People - Part 1' about how to love people well
How much we love people is evidence of how much we love God.
Four12 article image for 'The Chicken or The Egg?' about the cosmological argument
The 'Cosmological argument' remains one of the most compelling ones for the existence of God.
Four12 article image for 'Understanding Judaism' about the Jewish nation and Judaism
What is God's plan for the Jewish nation and how can we engage them in a meaningful way?
Four12 article image for 'Understanding Atheism'
What makes a person an atheist and can we help?
Four12 article image for 'Dark Age or Golden Age?' about church history in The Dark Ages
The writers of the Enlightenment, with an inflated sense of accomplishment, christened the previous Church-dominated era ‘The Dark Ages’.
Four12 article image for 'The Age of Reason' about the Enlightenment and reason overthrowing God
God gave us our reason, yet history shows how man has gradually elevated this ability above God.
Four12 article image for 'Movie Review: The Case For Christ'
Christian movies have good intentions but don't often get positive reviews. How does this one fair?
Four12 article image for 'To God or Not To God' about three main worldviews
In a world with such diverse philosophies and religions, how can we be sure that Jesus represents the truth?
Four12 article image for 'Does A Fish Know It Is Wet?' about how worldviews shape us
What can we do if our worldview is shaped by the context in which we've been raised?
Four12 article image for 'Playing Music - That's Not How The Song Goes'
A song is usually just a vehicle to get the worshippers to worship.
Four12 article image for 'Playing Music - Once More, With Feeling' about dynamics in worship
Volume, loud and quiet, called dynamics, are a part of music we need to learn to use well.
Playing Music – The P Word
In order to be brilliant as a musician, you need to spend time with your instrument.
Four12 article image for 'Playing Music - Skillfully' about the art of skillful worship
Any musician who wants to use their gift for God can honour Him by practising and growing in musical knowledge and skill.
Four12 article image for 'Why Do We Sing Spontaneously?'
It’s fine singing the songs the worship team has picked, but we can also sing spontaneously together
Four12 article image for 'Why We Bow and Kneel' in worship
Bowing is a visible sign of honouring, submitting to and humbling yourself before another. Kneeling completes it.
Four12 article image for 'Why Do We Lift Our Hands?' about lifting hands in worship
When we come to God in worship, lifting our hands is a physical demonstration of the surrender in our heart and mind to His Lordship.
Four12 article image for 'Worship God For Who He Is'
To worship God is beautiful. That God receives our adoration should be reward enough.
Four12 article image for 'Why Do We Worship?' about the heart of worship
Worship is more than just singing: it is a state of mind and condition of the heart.
Four12 article image for 'The Bible - Inspirtation, Preservation & Application' about why the Bible can still be trusted today
Why the Bible can still be trusted and valued in the modern era.
Four12 article image for 'Shrimp and Sideburns - Defending Bible Morality' about the law of the Bible
Ever been asked how God can expect you to follow a book that says to stone adulterers, grow your sideburns, and never eat bacon?
Four12 article image for 'God Wears Clothes' about public nudity
What does God think about public nudity?
Four12 article image for 'Songs For Now' about choosing worship songs
Our worship song choices need to reflect what God is doing in the times we are in.
Four12 article image for 'Before There Was Time' about the gospel message
Before the beginning of time, there was God. And God was thinking about you.
Four12 article image for 'Puzzled Worshipper' about good worship music recommendations
"How do I know what Christian music is ‘good’ to be listening to and worshipping with?"
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