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Image for "Changing the Narrative" about how one bad report wiped out an entire generation
How one bad report wiped out an entire generation.
Unpacking the Apostolic Session Thumbnail 2
How would we know, in today’s world, that someone is an apostle?
Unpacking the Apostolic Session Thumbnail 1
Understand the origin of the Apostle and why we still need the gift today.
Book image for 'The Throwbacks' by Shaun Brauteseth about the state of the western church today
The church seems to have forgotten that it has a non-negotiable blueprint.
What is the gift of tongues, and why should I desire it?
Our partnership is about making Jesus’ name great, not ours.
Is it possible to repent of the sins of those who came before us, or is it pointless?
church clicks
Online church enables us to reach more people than ever before but is it real church?
How to bring God’s message with both compassion and truth when directing others to repentance.
Should we avoid songs that come from those we disagree with theologically?
Has God commanded us to tithe, and is it still relevant today?
Easter, Christmas, Lent and Halloween are festivals that many celebrate. Which can we agree to disagree about?
Do we follow the example of Jesus when fighting for truth?
What should Christians do about Christmas?
Four12 article image for '14 Million Reasons'
What is the 'secret' of contentment in a world full of greed, restlessness and turmoil?
What does God expect us to do about sin in the world?
Why do we have such a hard time separating ourselves from the world?
Four12 image of the video about 'Obedient Disobedience'
When the nation’s laws are at odds with the commands of God, who do we obey?
How not to become a member of a church.
Four12 article image for 'Diversity in Leaders'
Should church leadership be representative of different groups?
Why accountability is not others meddling in your life.
Four12 article image for 'Reckoning With Ravi' about the fall of Ravi Zacharias.
What we can learn from the fall of Ravi Zacharias.
Should popularity be the goal of the modern church?
Four12 article image for 'Going Viral' about Christians and sickness in a global pandemic.
The people of God have never been promised perfect health, but we have been promised perfect peace.
Four12 article image for 'Kanye and the King' about God's grace for all
Could the grace of God even reach Kanye?
Four12 conference image for 'God-given Discipleship Strategies' about discipleship led by the Spirit
True discipleship requires work and patience, and if we want to see good fruit, we must let God tailor each journey.
Four12 article image for 'Kissing Jesus Goodbye' about standing firm against compromise
What lessons can we learn for our own journey of faith when we see influential leaders crash and burn?
Four12 article image for 'The Non-Existent Online Church'
To be part of a local church is to be in each other’s lives, spaces and affections.
Four12 article image for 'The Collision' about remaining faithful to God versus making a compromise for people's approval.
There is a fine line between provoking trouble and experiencing the kind of opposition that Jesus experienced.
Four12 article image for 'The Popularity Gospel' about what God thinks about popularity
Is God most among us when we are well-known, well-liked and having fun?
Four12 article image for 'Religion, Relationship and Reality' about how religion and relationship can exist together
"It's not religion - it's relationship." Is this popular phrase true?
Four12 article image for 'A Lesson In Leadership' about two lessons we can learn from the life and leadership of John F. Kennedy
What leadership lessons can be learned from JFK?
Four12 article image for 'Out With The Old?' about whether there is a need for the Old Testament
Can Christianity stand without the Old Testament?
Four12 image from 'Making Sense of Stephen Hawking'
Why is it that the brightest minds often miss the simple truths?
It's not the 'what' of worship that counts as much as the 'why'.
Satan understands the strategy of timing, and he’s prepared to wait until our defenses are down and the odds are stacked in his favour.
Four12 article image for 'How To Save a Life' about suicide and the importance of evangelism
Suicide is becoming romanticised and glamourised.
Four12 article image for 'Is It Bad To Be Big?' about whether to aim for a megachurch
James led a megachurch, so is it always bad to build wide?
What values are subtly shaping our thinking in pop culture today?
Four12 article image for 'For The Bible Tells Me So' about sharing the gospel
How far is too far in accommodating the message of the Gospel to the modern, post-Christian audience?
Four12 article image for 'Movie Review: God's Not Dead 2'
Shaun reviews 'God's Not Dead 2', giving positive feedback about the quality and message of the film.
Four12 article image for 'The Dangers of Christian Catchphrases'
'When I left advertising to become a full-time pastor, I thought I was done with catchphrases. Turns out I wasn’t.'
Four12 article image for 'Hold The Phone' about distractions
How do we handle all the content available to us, literally able to fill every waking hour?
Four12 article image for 'Batman v Superman v God'
The current crop of superhero movies aren’t interested in creating an elevated view of God; they’re dragging the very notion of Him down to earth.
Are our corporate worship songs mostly focused on God or on ourselves?
Four12 article image for 'Whose Meeting Is It Anyway?' about who church meetings are for
This 'outsiders first' approach to church meetings is found nowhere in Scripture.
Four12 article image for 'Building Fait' about faith to find a building
The story of how Oxygen Life Church put their faith in God to find them the right venue.


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