05 True & False Grace

Mike Davies

05 True & False Grace
The roots and fallacies of hyper-grace teaching and the weakness and dangers of this heresy.
Four12 video image for 'Final Thoughts'in the Practical Partnership series about unity through accountability
We advance in unity when there is transparency and accountability.
Four12 video image for 'Treasures' in the Practical Partnership series about finances
The heart behind partnering with the resources God has given us.
03 Time
How do we practically partner together with our time?
Four12 video image for 'Introduction' to Practical Partnership about partnering with Four12
What does partnering with Four12 look like?
Four12 video image for 'Talents' from the Practcial PArtnership series about using our talents in the Four12 field
How to devote your gifts not only to your local church but to the Four12 field too.
02 Just Do It
Common religious habits and misconceptions to a having vibrant prayer life.
The Vital Role Deacons Play
How should we recognise and release deacons in the church?
16 Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – Part 2
The role of the deacon within church life and the part that self-discipline and courage play.
15 Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – Part 1
Qualities that rest on a deacon within the life of the church and the importance of walking in humility.
14 Delegation, Duplication & Abdication
Are we easily exhausted from doing all the work required to ensure the church runs?
13 I Was Gonna Do It …
What does it mean to be a faithful people who obey and act when the Lord speaks?
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