The Throwbacks

Taking the modern church backwards so that it can move forward

If someone from two thousand years ago had to visit a typical gathering of Christians, they might be forgiven for asking what on earth we were doing. The church seems to have forgotten that it has a non-negotiable blueprint.

The western church needs to go backwards. In a generation that is constantly trying to update and improve itself in order to keep up with the culture around it, the church has virtually abandoned the original foundations for which the apostles and church fathers fought with their very lives. But we must not let this happen. 

This book tells stories, shines a light, paints a picture, points to a way. This way is not new, culturally-approved or convenient, but in a time when the Gospel is being repackaged in order to please everyone except God, that’s the entire point.



Shaun played punk rock for a living, worked for a chicken company, and then wrote copy for adverts. Now he’s a full-time lead elder in Oxygen Life Church in Gqeberha, South Africa. He is married to Sammy Jane and they have three children. Follow him on Facebook for more.


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