The Berean Jews were considered “of more noble character” than the Thessalonians, because they had eagerly received the Gospel message and continued to study Scripture daily. The Four12 partnership of churches offers various theological programmes and resources for every age, including the T3 Bible Programme, Action 2:42, The Book of Ephesians devotional, and the Fuel series.


The Book of Ephesians will cover some of the most significant Christian themes and doctrines in the bible. Within its pages, you will be reminded that God will one day submit everything under the leadership of Jesus Christ. This 6-week daily devotional series is presented by six elders from our Four12 partner, Living Hope in the Isle of Man. It is a wonderful resource for any believer from lead elder to newborn christian to deepen your love for Christ and of those around you.

The Book of Ephesians

The T3 (Transformation Through Truth) Bible Programme consists of 8 courses with each course made up of modules. These modules are aimed at providing saints with a thorough look at ‘systematic theology made simple’. 


Please find here a collection of articles on the Bible and theological topics.

Is our lived experience the most significant and authoritative way of arriving at the truth?
The power of God’s Word to conquer fear.
God's providence for a dream trip to Israel and the massive spiritual impact it had.
How to get more out of your time in the Word.
What is the best translation of the Bible?
Is it possible to study the Bible in a way that causes us to know and love God more deeply?
Can Christianity stand without the Old Testament?
Get the most out of the Old Testament with these study tips.
How far is too far in accommodating the message of the Gospel to the modern, post-Christian audience?
Why the Bible can still be trusted and valued in the modern era.
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