The Book of Ephesians

6 Week Daily Devotional
BY Rousseau Moss
Why the Ephesians book?

The Book of Ephesians will cover some of the most significant Christian themes and doctrines in the bible. Within its pages, you will be reminded that God will one day submit everything under the leadership of Jesus Christ. You will see that He is the head of the church and the fullness of God in human flesh. As you journey through the pages, you will note the extraordinary power of the church when it is filled with the Holy Spirit who is able to reveal the nature of God in all things. You will see again how Jesus loves and cherishes the church and how He blesses His bride with wonderful gifts.

What is the purpose?

Ephesians is full of living revelation and serves to ground, shape and generally challenge believers in the faith. The absence of personal names and the address of specific moral problems has led biblical scholars to believe that the letter of Ephesians was probably a circular letter meant to be read by a wide audience beyond the church in Ephesus so receive this letter with gladness. It is our prayer, that as you work through the pages of this devotional, God by His Spirit will reveal to you the divine aspect of His character, nature and person.

How is it presented & who is it for?

It is a 6-week daily devotional series presented by six elders from our Four12 partner, Living Hope in the Isle of Man. This is a wonderful resource for any believer from lead elder to newborn christian to deepen your love for Christ and of those around you.


Rousseau leads two congregations of Living Hope on the Isle of Man.  He is married to Rhian and they have three children: Noah, Esther and Rachel. Rousseau loves building teams, helping saints discover their giftings, and raising up leaders.


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