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Systematic Theology Made Simple


The T3 (Transformation Through Truth) Bible Programme consists of 8 courses with each course made up of modules. These modules are aimed at providing saints with a thorough look at ‘systematic theology made simple’. The course work can either be covered with live presentations from pastors/teachers, or filmed recordings of teachings are available. The pace at which the course work is covered is based on the organiser’s preference. The course work is taught generally in the filmed teachings and does not necessarily unpack the course notes in a systematic manner. It is recommended students read the notes on their own, before or after sessions, and spend time reflecting and interacting with the notes. Each course is a stand-alone course and it is not necessary to have attended prior courses or to complete the entire T3 Programme in order.

We trust that as you study and pursue God, seeking His face, you will encounter Him even more and dig foundations that will take you deeper, make you stronger, and impact the church and the Kingdom of God for many years to come.SE



* A reminder that the T3 Bible Programme is NOT an accredited or registered programme.


Course 1

Doctrine of Revelation: God Speaks

This course looks at how God has chosen to reveal Himself, in a general sense, to all mankind through nature, history and human personality and why He has done this. It also focuses on the specific way in which God speaks to His people, with particular reference to His words, His works and ultimately how God speaks through His Son. From this, God’s written Word is looked at – the Bible – its inspiration, uniqueness and translations.

Course 2

In the Beginning

The book of Genesis is the book of beginnings and sets the foundation for all that is to follow. First to the Nature and Character of God, as Three Persons with One Substance: the Creator and Sustainer of all things. This course looks at His creation, both the invisible realm (angels and demons) and the visible realm. Following from here, is the creation account, the foundational pillars of Genesis and also looking at the order within creation.

Course 3

The Fall of Man

In this course, the focus is on how God has made man in His image, with the purpose of glorifying God. How man fell into sin and the effects of sin on the human race. Further exploration into the ongoing impact of ‘the fall’ on how man thinks and acts, as well as at how man’s reasoning and how man’s systems are in conflict with God’s ways. This course looks at different philosophical approaches to finding truth and taking a broad look at church history until the reformation to show how any institution, even the church, becomes corrupted when man’s systems replace God’s principles.

Course 4

Understanding the Old Testament

In this course, the focus is in on the importance of the Old Testament for the Christian. You can only truly know the New Testament through having an understanding of the Old. The course teaches you how to read the various genres of the Old Testament from law, to poetry, and the narratives. Various major themes of the Old Testament will be unpacked, such as covenant, temple and the faithfulness of God. The person of Christ is a vital theme which will also be discussed by looking at how Christ fulfilled the various feasts and the types we find under the Old Covenant.

Course 5

Coming to Know God: The Doctrine of Salvation

In this course, the focus is on the theme of Salvation. The Doctrine of Salvation is explained and applied by looking at Scripture primarily. The focus is also on the atonement and various pictures God gives us to understand the work of the Cross, especially as it relates to His love, and how His love relates to suffering and sickness. Time will be spent working through God’s ‘process’ or ‘order of Salvation’ as theologians call it, in saving people. This includes coming to know God through initial conviction of sin and calling, to receiving glorified bodies when Christ returns.

Course 6

Growing in God

This course deals with many of the foundational truths to grow in God. The focus is on what it means to be grounded in God and will take a closer look at growing in the Spirit, growing in spiritual disciplines, and being a Christian in the World.

Course 7

Church and the Kingdom

Scripture has much to say about God’s Kingdom: God’s rule over all things but especially His people. The church is the vehicle that he has chosen to extend His Kingdom and reveal His manifold wisdom (Ephesians 3:10). It is important to understand the similarities and differences between the Kingdom and Church and see that God has always used His covenant community to achieve His purposes.

Course 8

Eschatology: The Doctrine of Last Things

Eschatology, The Doctrine of Last Things. The objective of this course is to help you understand the end times from a Biblical perspective. Eschatology is the study of events around ‘the last things’. We will be looking at different views on the return of Christ with regard to such issues as ‘the Millennium’, ‘the rapture’ and ‘the tribulation’. We will also look at other theological issues around death and eternity such as heaven and hell, judgement, the intermediate state and the new heaven and new earth.


T3 Bible Programme


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