06 Family

Ross Gillespie

We explore the importance of being part of a godly family (church), what this meant to the first century New Testament believers and what it means for us today.
Exploring the theme of Love: God, as a God of love, a God who is Love and a God who shows love; and how we are to love God and others.
Fuel - The Times
The background and context of the letter of 1 John: who the author is, where he lived, the times he lived in, why he wrote this letter and how it applies today.
Four12 article image for 'Passing The Tests' about being an overcomer through tests and testing times
God places tests in front of us, not to fail us but to mature us.
02 His Fruit
In this second session of the Holy Spirit series, Ross Gillespie unpacks the fruit of the Holy Spirit and take a closer look at what a life of intimacy with Jesus looks like.
Four12 article image for 'The Sign of the Cross' about the origin of the cross as the symbol of Christianity.
How did the sign of the cross become the symbol of our faith?
Four12 article image for 'Grace in the Wilderness'
What purpose does God have for leading us into the wilderness?
Four12 article image for 'Miracles & Mystery' about the tensions within the kingdom of God
How living with tension in the Kingdom of God is a sign of health and maturity.
Four12 article image for 'Scrapping The Old Testament' about the importance of the Old Testament
Get the most out of the Old Testament with these study tips.
Four12 article image for 'How the Trinity Shapes Christian Living' about the doctrine of the Trinity
When we look at the doctrine of the Trinity, we see how we are called to live.
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