Power Through Position


Oxygen Life Church is offering a life-changing course, ‘Power Through Position’, as a resource to all Four12 partnering churches. It is aimed at helping to bring saints into greater freedom as they realise who they are in Christ.

Oxygen Life has run this course biannually since 2017. Each experience has brought amazing, godly fruit to individuals and to the culture of the church by breaking open vulnerability and a real understanding that each person is on a journey towards maturity and wholeness in Christ.

Power Through Position provides the opportunity for individuals to create space for God to work in their hearts, through teaching, small groups, times of ministry, and self-reflection.

On this course, attendees will:
  • gain a better understanding of why they think, feel and act the way they do;
  • better comprehend how to access the Lord for healing (from words spoken over them or lies they have believed);
  • learn how to release themselves and others from the grip of past and daily sin;
  • discover how to live from what God says about them, rather than what they or others say;
  • gain a deeper awareness of the working of God in their lives and hearts.


General Information

The course consists of a set of videos with a manual, which can be used to train and equip individuals to facilitate the course within their own church context. If your church is interested in running the Power Through Position course, please contact Oxygen Life via the information below and then register on the link provided.

For more information or to confirm interest, please contact: [email protected]

Recommended book

A Compass for the Heart‘ delves into all the key concepts contained in this course and was written by Angela Verreynne – this is one book that should be on the shelf of every believer. Order your copy here: 


Power Through Position


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