Uncorrupted Faith


With varying theologies on faith doing the rounds in today’s society, Andrew Selley (apostolic leader of Four12) presents a vital apostolic series on the theology of a faith that cannot be corrupted. This nine-part series is crucial to building a foundation of faith that will see you finishing your race standing strong and firm in the truth.

The series looks at:

  • bringing truth and correction to churches across the globe,
  • making the gospel available online for both believers and unbelievers,
  • introducing biblical truths to unbelievers in a non-threatening manner and environment,
  • establishing biblical doctrine about what faith is,
  • raising awareness of false doctrines,
  • equipping the saints to persevere despite circumstances.
What is the purpose of the series?

The Uncorrupted Faith series was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic to help lead people to a place of peace, truth and security in Christ during incredibly uncertain times. The series aims to place our faith back in God and not in our circumstances.

Who is the series for?

Uncorrupted Faith is for everyone. The series was filmed out of a desperate need to bring resources to churches and believers across the globe as churches world-wide were forced to close their doors in response to COVID-19. Uncorrupted Faith has grown into a foundational teaching and a message that restores the real biblical meaning of faith.

How is it presented?

Uncorrupted Faith is a 9-part video teaching series. Each video includes worship and has a similar feel to an online church service because of the period of time it was filmed in.




The right response to overwhelming and fear-inducing circumstances is to turn to God and trust in Him. He is on His throne – we need to trust He is in control.

In a time of great shaking in the nations around us, how do we ensure our faith remains unshakeable?

Misunderstanding a message can have huge consequences. Rightly understanding what the Lord promises us in Scriptures like Psalm 91, is therefore essential.

Can we claim all the promises that are in the Bible? Is every promise spoken in the Word of God directly applicable to us and our situations?

Andrew and Emma Selley answer some of the questions viewers had about the Uncorrupted Faith series.

Understanding that we have access to great power, made perfect in our weakness, emboldens us to accomplish great acts for Jesus.

Andrew Selley answers some of the questions viewers have had about the Uncorrupted Faith series in this second Q&A session.

How we hold the tension of faith, healing and prayer, along with our role in God moving supernaturally, is vital to building a healthy relationship with Jesus.

Being a people of faith is something the Lord calls us to be, but we can often misinterpret what it means to be a people of faith.

There are times in the Bible, where it is evident that God is moving differently from the norm. How can we distinguish these moments and times of faith?

Andrew Selley answers more questions in this third and final Q&A session on the Uncorrupted Faith series. 

The truth of the importance of faith and love in the Kingdom of God, and how faith and love enable us to lay our lives down for the church of Christ.

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