Highlights of our recent Conference in South Africa
featured image for the king on the cross easter video
A song about easter, told through the eyes of the apostle John, who saw the king on the cross and in glory
Are we fighting this war without a key weapon?
The resurrection story of Jesus Christ, woven together and told by a few of the nations represented within Four12.
Edson Video Thumbnail 1920x1080
Edson left the power and prestige of serving on a successful church board to follow the Holy Spirit.
Burning Questions
Answering burning questions from the single ladies.
Four12 article image for 'Our Guiding Satellites' about navigating Christian life.
Making big decisions can be very intimidating, how can we be sure we are hearing God's voice?
Four12 article image for 'Women in Ministry' addressing leadership roles.
A response to Kris Valloton's article '4 Reasons Why Women Are Oppressed In The Church (And Why It's Not Okay)'.
When we are water baptised, we are voluntarily buried with Jesus - and raised into a new way of life when we emerge.
Jesus paid the ultimate penalty for our sins so that we can have life, in abundance!
Jesus was sentenced to death for crimes He didn’t commit.
Like Judas and Peter, we all fail God. Yet He remains faithful.
Jesus was rejected so that we can find forgiveness and acceptance into His family.
Series image of 'Triumphant' in The Road to Salvation series about Jesus' triumphal entry
Even when we don’t feel very triumphant, Jesus always triumphs - if our lives are submitted to Him.
Jesus conquered death and rose again, making a way for us to share eternity with Him.


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