Parenting in a Contrary Culture

Euan MacRae

Parenting in a Contrary Culture
Is it possible to raise God-centred kids with so many competing influences?
05 Following Jesus in Cancel Culture
The importance of following Jesus within a rising cancel culture, and the danger of diluting the Gospel.
Worship That Pleases God – Part 1
What it means to cultivate a heart of worship that pleases the Father.
Worship That Pleases God – Part 2
What it means to cultivate a heart of worship that pleases the Father.
Video image of 2014 Four12 RSA Conference session 'Purity - The Missing Ingredient' about purity
Jesus is coming back for a pure Bride, so we need to examine our hearts daily, straighten out the bent parts, and synchronise our desires with the Holy Spirit.
Video image for 'The Importance of the Presence of God'
The importance and life-changing practice of finding and dwelling in the presence of God. 
A Great Light
The message of the Gospel will not be heralded by Gabriel but by you and me.
Four12 News image for 'Beyond Human Timelines' about Living Hope church planted in Peel, Isle of Man.
What can God do in ten years with a 'committed to the plough' family? So much!
Four12 conference image for 'Restoring Biblical Worship' about being extravagant worshippers
The church exists to reflect God’s glory through extravagant worship.
Four12 conference image for 'The Forgotten Gospel' about following God in obedience
When we follow God obediently, we live lives of great power and manifest the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Four12 Conference image for 'Glory in the House' about being people of power
How to be people of power who display God's glory.
Four12 article image for 'Expanding Waistlines, Shrinking Jesus' about the battle between the flesh and spirit
If well-fed flesh obscures our view of Jesus, then we need to starve it!
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