Mervis van der Merwe

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How to make it easier for everyone to enter into the presence of God.
featured Image for mervis van der merwe from the regiomal equip in the northern RSA
Mervis stirs us to live a life fuelled with the wonder and beauty of Jesus
An illustration of God as the Father of Mercies, and the balance between fear and mercy.
Tools that will help us grow and nurture the prophetic and establish a relationship with the heart of God.
Prophecy does not start with us hearing the voice of God – it is initiated with the Father speaking.
Four12 video series image for 'The Words of Christ' about what Jesus said on the cross
What is love? This is how we know what love is – Jesus on the cross.
Four12 conference image for 'Prayer, Mercy & Intimacy' about the importance of prayer and intimacy
The importance of prayer, mercy and intimacy, with a focus on worshipping Jesus.
Four12 conference image of 'A Heart Connected' about what a mature, connected son looks like
What it means to be a fully mature, connected son of the Father.


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