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Authentic Church versus Consumer Church

7 Ways an Authentic Church Differs from a Consumer Church

1. A people fully committed to Jesus to share my life with, not a place to spend a few hours on a Sunday morning.

2. A focus on Jesus and His mission in the world, not me and my family’s needs.

3. Worship about God to God that causes heaven to touch earth, rather than simply a style of music I like or because it gives me goosebumps.

4. A life-giving Word that both encourages and challenges me to change to become more like Jesus, not simply informing me about God or making me feel good.

5. An eternal cause to which I can give my time, talents and treasures, not a charity for my leftovers or things I no longer need.

6. The Holy Spirit actively works outside of the box in new ways when we meet, rather than a service planned to the minute, all within my past experience and comfort zone.

7. A way to live, modelled, that reflects the radical, counter-cultural nature of the Kingdom of God, rather than compromising to the values of the spirit of the age.

Be sure that you’re actually seeking to belong to Jesus’ church and not simply a manmade club.

Jonathan is the lead elder of Living Hope, a multi-site church on the Isle of Man. He also ministers apostolically worldwide. Jonathan is married to Annette, has four daughters and is passionate about equipping saints to serve Jesus. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.



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